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Full Subject-Based Banding (SBB) Pilot Schools

Temasek Secondary School is one of the 28 secondary schools selected by the Ministry of Education to start piloting aspects of Full Subject-Based Banding (Full SBB) from 2020 onwards. 

Purpose of Full SBB

With Full SBB, we are moving towards one secondary education, with many subject bands, to better meet our students’ learning needs, without labels. This is part of the broader shift in our education system to recognise the strengths and interests of our children, to help them build their confidence and develop an intrinsic motivation to learn for life.

Temasek Secondary School has been selected as one of the 28 pilot schools for Full Subject-Based Banding (Full SBB) to be rolled out in 2020. As part of the pilot, our school will allow Secondary 2 Normal (Academic) students the opportunity to take Humanities subjects at a more demanding level in if they meet the requirements. 

Offering of Humanities subjects at a more demanding level from Secondary 2

The following is applicable to students who are in Secondary 2 Normal (Academic) in 2020.

Eligibility Criteria

Students who wish to offer Humanities subjects at a more demanding level should attain an overall of 75% or higher for the specific Humanities subject in Sec 1.

A student who offers Humanities at a more demanding level would attend lessons with the students in the Express course and sit for the same examinations.


Students who are eligible to offer the Humanities subjects at a more demanding level would be informed after the release of the end-of-year results. 

Taking on a subject at a more demanding level would entail a heavier workload and higher assessment standards. In deciding whether to take up the offer, parents should consider the aptitude and interest of their child in the specific Humanities subject, as well as their ability to cope with the other core subjects.

Monitoring of Progress

The school would monitor the progress of all SBB students and advise them to take the subject at the Normal (Academic) level if they are unable to cope.

For more information on how our school would implement Full SBB, you can contact us at temasek_ss@moe.edu.sg. The school will also be engaging parents of cohorts of students who are involved in the pilot in 2019/2020.