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Student Leadership (LEAD@TMS)

Philosophy and Desired Outcomes

The philosophy of LEAD@TMS is founded on the belief that the secondary school years are invaluable to developing character and values in students. To do so, student leadership development is a purposeful platform to harness youth potential as secondary school students are able to explore and grasp more complex concepts and issues related to school and community.

The school’s Desired Outcomes are framed by the Temasek Creed, which carries the qualities that we purpose to develop in Temasekians.

To this end, LEAD@TMS is designed to anchor students on a core set of school values, T-EPIC (Teamwork, Performance Excellence, Integrity, Care). The focus is on developing social and emotional competencies which would enable them to lead by caring for others, pursue excellence, build positive relationships and make responsible decisions. This is folded into the larger narrative of preparing students to be responsible citizens who would contribute positively to society in the future.


Student Leadership Development Framework

LEAD@TMS is guided by the Student Leadership Development Framework that helps the Student Leadership Committee to bear in mind key pillars that would shape the way we plan and enable student leadership development.


School Values of T-EPIC refer to the values of Teamwork, Excellence in Performance, Integrity and Care to be nurtured in every student.  

Leadership Skills and Knowledge are taught to equip students to meet the needs of the core areas of Service to the Community and Service to School (Support, Character, Health, Welfare and Citizenry).  

Student leaders go through the key stages of Learning of Values and Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge, Opportunities for Application, Refl­ection, and Mentoring by Seniors and Teachers.  

The Temasek Creed exemplifies the desired student outcomes, where every student is nurtured to be citizens of character; one who is exemplary in conduct, passionate in seeking knowledge, undaunted in spirit, and in so doing, may better serve their family, their school and their nation.

Leadership Training and Opportunities

All students in Temasek have multiple opportunities to develop their leadership qualities and skills. As such, there are deliberate efforts to tier the training and the application opportunities.  

Customised training is provided for students for their specific roles and responsibilities. Various platforms are also given for students to initiate, organise and manage events as well as projects to apply the learning that has been taught.

2020 SLC 5.png

These extensive opportunities are provided across three levels: Class, CCA and School. 

Level: Class

ALIVE! lessons: Everyday Leadership
• Self-Leadership
• Planning
• Decision Making
• Facilitating

VIA Leaders
Go Make A Difference (M.A.D.) Fund-Raising Project
VIA Projects (for Children and Youth)
VIA Projects (for the Elderly and Needy)
• National Education Learning Journeys Project

Level: CCA

CCA Leadership Training

• Events
• Performances

Level: School

• Sec 1 Student Leaders Induction
• Student Leaders Convention
• Student Leadership Camps
• Student Leadership Training Days
• Student Leadership Meetings
• Mentoring

Events organized by the Leadership Groups
All Staff Day
Temasek Charity Challenge
Sports Challenge
Kindness Week
• Bedok Trail

These leadership opportunities can be broadly categorised into different tiers.


Situational Leaders are appointed to exercise leadership at the class level. These include leaders who are appointed by the class (e.g. subject representatives, VIA Leaders) or students who want to lead in their own projects (e.g. LEAD Character Leaders).They could also exercise their leadership skills through participation in competitions, project work and group work, which are regular features in the classroom. Students are encouraged to present their ideas to their teachers and peers to build confidence as well as to hone their oratorical skills.

Student leaders are elected into a leadership position. These include CCA leaders as well as leaders from the five leadership groups.  

CCA Leaders can be found in all CCA groups, from the Uniformed Groups to the Clubs, Societies and Aesthetic Groups. They include positions such as officers, executive committee members and sectional leaders. Their key role is to manage administration of the CCA, build camaraderie amongst their members, and motivate them to performance excellence.  

The five Leadership Groups provide more that 45% of the student population with positional leadership opportunities to serve the school and the wider community. Each leadership group is unique and has a tremendous impact on how students contribute to their peers and the community.  

The Executive Committee consists of the exco members of the five leadership groups. They have higher levels of responsibilities and are in charge of key events and activities in the school.  

The Student Rep Committee consists of the Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons of the five leadership groups. The committee provides input for the overall running of the school with regards to school safety, school improvement and general direction of the student leadership groups.

2019 Dialogue Session.png

5 Leadership Groups

Student leaders from the five leadership groups (Student Councillors, Peer Support Leaders, Sports Captains, Class Managers, Young Ambassadors) are made up of students across all streams [Express, Normal (Academic), Normal (Technical)].

Crest SRC.png

The groups cater to the strengths, interests and needs of the students, the school and the larger community. These platforms provide opportunities for the student leaders to initiate, organise and manage events such as the Secondary One Orientation, Student Leaders’ Investiture, Post-Examination Activities and the All Staff Day Celebrations.

Crest SCL.png

Student Councillors

To strengthen school identity and affiliation

Key School-wide Events
Sec 1 Investiture
All Staff Day
Graduation Night

Crest PSL.png

Peer Support Leaders

To promote character education and peer support

Key School-wide Events
Sec 1 Orientation
CyberOK Week
Young Leaders Camp
Temasek Charity Challenge

Crest SCP.png

Sports Captains

To promote sports, health and fitness

Key School-wide Events
Sports Challenge
Sports Leaders Workshop
Mental Health Week

Crest CM.png

Class Managers

To foster class spirit, and promote school and class welfare

Key School-wide Events
Graduates Day
Class Bonding Day
Kindness Week
All Staff Day

Crest YA.png

Young Ambassadors

To promote citizenry and National Education

Key School-wide Events
National Education Events
• National Education Learning Journeys
• National Service Day
• Bedok Trail