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DSA Exercise 2018

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Direct School Admission to Secondary 1 for 2019

Direct School Admission-Secondary (DSA-Sec) Exercise

At Temasek, we pride ourselves on providing a nurturing and inclusive environment that promotes holistic development of every child. We do so through enriching the child’s learning experiences in his/her co-curricular activity and in the process, develop his/her character, values and talents. Here, we are always on the lookout for driven individuals who exhibit character traits like resilience and empathy as well as believe in values like care, integrity, teamwork and performance excellence to join our energetic and dynamic student body through the Direct Schools Admission (DSA) exercise each year. 

Primary 6 students are welcome to participate in the DSA-Sec Exercise. Successful applicants will join Temasek Secondary School in January 2019. For more information on the DSA-Sec Exercise, refer to https://www.moe.gov.sg/admissions/direct-admissions/dsa-sec

DSA-Sec to Temasek Secondary School: Domains and Criteria

In line with the school’s focus on holistic development to nurture leaders of Character and Intellect, we are looking for promising Primary 6 students (both girls and boys) who demonstrate talent and ability in the following:

DSA CCADSA Student Leadership
  • Canoeing
  • Shooting
  • Choir
  • Drama (English)
Student Leadership

Students will be assessed on their ability in the talent and leadership areas so as to ensure that they will benefit from the rigorous future ready curriculum offered at Temasek Secondary School. Generally, students should have:

  • high levels of drive and good character
  • high levels of motivation and commitment to excellence in academic and co-curricular areas (including but not limited to co-curricular activities and community involvement)
  • leadership potential with the commitment to serve the CCA, School and Community
  • a passion for life and learning

Talented Primary 6 students who are interested are encouraged to apply for Direct School Admission through the following DSA Categories: 

DSA CategoryPre-requisiteAudition/Trial Preparation
Applicants should be able to:
  • Swim at least 50m (with a personal floatation device as required by the Singapore Canoeing Federation)
  • Train up to 4 times a week
  • Demonstrate strong sporting qualities from their primary school sports CCA, especially competitive swimmers
  • Exhibit medical fitness (preferably no existing medical history/condition)
  • Be in sports attire (i.e. P.E shirt, shorts and running shoes)
  • Bring slippers or sandals
  • Bring an extra set of attire and a towel as the applicant will get wet during the canoeing trial
  • Have a meal at least 2 hours before the trial
  • Adequate hydration at least half an hour before the trial
  • Physically and medically fit (No existing medical history/condition)
  • Must have interest and natural qualities to pursue target sports
  • Able to train up to 3 times a week throughout the year
  • Team player and committed to achieving team goals

  • Sports t-shirt, shorts/track pants, spectacles (if any) and shooting gear (if any)
  • Have a meal at least 2 hours before the trial
  • Adequate hydration at least half an hour before the trial

  • Have a passion for choral singing
  • Enjoys performing in front of an audience
  • Enjoys teamwork and camaraderie
  • Remains focused both during CCA training and curriculum time
  • Able to practise during school holidays
  • Preferably to have sung in an external choir before
  • Be in primary school uniform
  • Be prepared to sing from one choral piece of music (in any voice part) of your choice
  • Be prepared to sing major and harmonic minor scales and arpeggios
  • Be prepared to echo sing a tune
  • Be able to clap in rhythm

Drama (English)
  • Have a passion for drama
  • Enjoys performing in front of an audience
  • Enjoys teamwork and camaraderie
  • Remains focused both during CCA training and curriculum time with a positive attitude
  • Preferable to have prior experience in a play or performance
  • Be in your school T-shirt and shorts
  • Be prepared to read and act out a scene or an excerpt of a play
  • Be prepared to improvise a short 5 min play with the members of the group

Student Leadership
 It is recommended that student has experience in:

  • Community Service
  • Values-In-Action


  • Student Leadership in their Primary School
  • Be in primary school P.E. attire 
  • Be prepared to be involved in a group activity

*Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

You may click below to find out more about the requirements of the respective DSA categories.





Student Leadership


Important dates to note

DSA Application7 May 2018 (Monday) to 3 July 2018 (Tuesday)* 
DSA Outreach Open House
18 May 2018 (Friday)
6.00pm to 8.00pm
Audition & Trial (CCA)

Selection Test (Student Leadership
3 July 2018 to 31 August 2018
(Only shortlisted applicants will be notified of the date and time to attend the audition/trial/selection test via phone call)
Shortlisted applicants will be: 
  • required to attend an interview conducted by the school
  • notified of the date and time via phone call

         *DSA application to be submitted to the General Office by 3 July, 5.00pm.

Information and Application

Details on the DSA-Sec exercise and application process can be found below:

For further enquiries, please contact Miss Kamilah at 6449 5020 (General Office) or email to kamilah_zahri@moe.edu.sg. Kindly indicate “DSA Application Enquiries” in your email subject.

Please take note, the application is now closed.