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Physical Education

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The Physical Education Department aims to provide quality physical education programmes to equip Temasekians with knowledge of sports, outdoor education, health and fitness to pursue and sustain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Working in synergy with various student programmes, the PE department develops students holistically through our comprehensive syllabus which aims to complement their physical development with socio-emotional competencies and inter-personal skills.

Level Programme Description Outcomes
Lower Secondary
Let’s Dance 

This is a four-hour dance programme whereby student leaders in the each class collaborate to choreograph a dance based on a song of their choice. The student leaders take the lead in teaching their own class. They work closely with their peers to help them succeed and be confident to perform in presence of an audience. The top three classes are selected to showcase their talent and teamwork during All Staff Day concert.
Students will:

• Develop an understanding of the elements of rhythm and rhythmic movement. 
• Express and communicate ideas effectively through the exploration, creation, performance and appreciation of movement. 
• Enjoy and appreciate the aesthetic and artistic qualities of movement 
• Manage relationships well and is able to generate novel ideas. 
• Exercise sound reasoning and reflective thinking to make good decisions; and
 Manage complexities and ambiguities. 
• Work with others to resolve conflicts.

Upper Secondary
Games Creation Module (GCM) 

A 10 week programme where students, working in small groups, apply their creativity and collaborative skills to design and create their own game.           

The students will then have to teach the game to their peers. In order to increase the effectiveness of their instructional approach, the students are tasked to create a video detailing how the game should be played.

Students will:

• Apply prior knowledge on game concepts from various sports learnt to collaborate, design and teach a small-sided game to their peers. 
• Demonstrate safe practices while designing and conducting physical activities with respect to themselves, others and the environment. 
• Display positive personal and social behaviour in designing their games by ensuring everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute. 
• Work collaboratively and create an instructional video of their games as a tool to inform and encourage their peers to learn and participate actively in their games. 


Department Contact List

Name/ Designation Email address
Mr Mohammed Iskandar B Salleh (HOD/ Physical & Outdoor Education) mohammed_iskandar_b_salleh@moe.edu.sg
Mr Alex Chua chua_ghee_soon@moe.edu.sg
Mr Boo Yongfeng boo_yongfeng@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Jeanette Neo wee_yue_lynn_jeanette@moe.edu.sg
Mr Jonathan Soh soh_cher_boon@moe.edu.sg
Mr Viswanath s/o Singgaravello viswanath_singgaravello@moe.edu.sg