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 The Mathematics Department aims to develop students who are confident and self-directed problem solvers. Our curriculum seeks to engage students in varied learning experiences that deepen their understanding of concepts and skills, strengthen their reasoning and communication skills, and empower them with the disposition to use mathematics to solve problems, including those in real world contexts.

Level Programme Description Outcomes
Lower Secondary 
Mathematics is Everywhere - A Learning Journey to Gardens By the Bay

In Semester One, students would go on a learning journey to Gardens By the Bay to discover how Mathematics is relevant to their daily lives and not just numbers. In groups, they would go around solving simple tasks and problems by applying simple mathematical concepts. This is to encourage our students to have a sense of fun and to view their environment in a different light.

Students will:

• Apply Mathematical concepts to everyday objects at the Gardens

• Solve problems based on real-world contexts

• Interpret and analyse data and information provided
Mathematics is Everywhere - The Escape Room

The Escape Room is a 60-minute game whereby the students work in groups to solve Math puzzles by making sense of thought-provoking clues to escape from a locked room.
Through participating in this fun-filled game with their peers, students get to apply the Mathematics they have learned in Lower Secondary Mathematics and appreciate that Mathematics is indeed everywhere.

Students will:

•  Apply relevant Mathematical concepts to solve mathematics and/or logical puzzles
•  Work effectively as a team to interpret and make sense of he thought-provoking clues provided

•  Use relevant ICT tools/devices to help unravel the clues in solving the puzzles

Upper Secondary
Seeing the World Through Mathematical Eyes – Mathematical Modelling Project

Working in groups, students apply Mathematics to real-world problems by formulating appropriate mathematical models to represent them, interpret and evaluate the mathematical solutions in the context of the problems and reflecting on alternative models or solutions. 

Students will:

  • Apply relevant Mathematics to solve real-world problems

  • Think inventively and critically 

  • Work collaboratively with others

  • Appreciate local or global issues around them

Department Contact List

Name/ Designation Email Address
Mrs Teo Hwee Ping (HOD/ Mathematics) tay_hwee_ping@moe.edu.sg
Mr Toh Wee Kwang (LH/ Mathematics [Lower Sec]) toh_wee_kwang@moe.edu.sg
Mr Elvis Lowlow_yi_wee@moe.edu.sg
Mr Chua Kok Thyechua_kok_thye@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Lee Hwee Hoonlim_hwee_hoon@moe.edu.sg
Mr Lim Wei Ming lim_wei_ming@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Lim Chue May chia_chue_may@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Lim Swu Yun loo_swu_yun@moe.edu.sg
Miss Lok Teng Ping teng_ping_lok@moe.edu.sg 
Miss Lydia Chew chew_li_shan_lydia@moe.edu.sg
Madam Nurfadilah Abdul Rahmannurfadilah_abdul_rahman@moe.edu.sg
Mr Prashant s/o Jayapragas prashant_jayapragas@moe.edu.sg
Mr Roger Lim lim_pang_kiat@moe.edu.sg
Mr Wong Chun Chong wong_chun_chong@moe.edu.sg
Mr Wu Shulong wu_shulong@moe.edu.sg