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The Mathematics Department aims to develop passion for excellence in Mathematics and make every Temasekian a passionate and self-directed Mathematics learner with an analytical mind.

Level Programme Description Outcomes
Secondary One
Mathematics is Everywhere - A Learning Journey to Gardens By the Bay

In Semester One, students would go on a learning journey to Gardens By the Bay to discover how Mathematics is relevant to their daily lives and not just numbers. In groups, they would go around solving simple tasks and problems by applying simple mathematical concepts. This is to encourage our students to have a sense of fun and to view their environment in a different light.

Students learn to:

• Apply mathematical concepts to everyday objects at the Gardens

• Solve problems based on real-world contexts

• Interpret and analyse data and information provided
Secondary Two
Financial Literacy Programme

A collaboration between Temasek Secondary School and National Institute of Education (NIE), students get to learn concepts of Financial Literacy through experiential learning. Using iPads, students would have to work together to go to different stations around the school compound and solve different pre-assigned tasks.

Students learn to:

• Apply relevant Mathematical concepts to solve real-world problems involving Financial Literacy (FL)

• Intepret and analyse data and information provided in groups

• Actively use relevant ICT tools and devices to learn and solve problems involving FL

Secondary Three
Mathematics Game Design Theory, Game Design Project and Exhibition

At the Secondary Three level, students are stretched by challenging them to create and design their own Mathematics game. They would have to be very innovative and creative in their game creation without losing sight of infusing Mathematical concepts and theories. 

Students learn to:

• Work together in groups to create their own games involving suitable Math concepts

• Develop confidence and passion for the learning of Mathematics

• Express creativity in Mathematics and to apply Mathematics through a different medium

• Infuse National Education messages in their Math games created

Secondary Four
Seeing the World Through Mathematical Eyes – Mathematical Modelling Project

This project will involve a learning journey to the Singapore Flyer for all Secondary Four students in Term One where they will be presented with a real world problem.

In a group of four students, they will attempt to solve the problem using Mathematics by creating and formulating relevant Mathematical Models.
Students will learn to:

• To apply their Mathematics knowledge to formulate a mathematical model to represent and solve real world problems. A mathematical model is a mathematical representation of a real world situation.


Department Contact List

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Mr Eric Tan (HOD/ Mathematics) tan_meng_yoke@moe.edu.sg
Mr Toh Wee Kwang (LH/ Mathematics (Lower Sec) toh_wee_kwang@moe.edu.sg
Mr Elvis Low low_yi_wee@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Lee Hwee Hoonlim_hwee_hoon@moe.edu.sg
Mr Lim Wei Ming lim_wei_ming@moe.edu.sg
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Miss Lydia Chew chew_li_shan_lydia@moe.edu.sg
Mr Ng Kim Tu ng_kim_tu@moe.edu.sg
Madam Nurfadilah Abdul Rahmannurfadilah_abdul_rahman@moe.edu.sg
Mr Prashant s/o Jayapragas prashant_jayapragas@moe.edu.sg
Mr Roger Lim lim_pang_kiat@moe.edu.sg
Mr Wong Chun Chong wong_chun_chong@moe.edu.sg
Mr Wu Shulong wu_shulong@moe.edu.sg
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