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Information Communication Technology

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The Information Communications Technology (ICT) Department supports the other departments in the implementation of the instructional programmes for various subjects – use of ICT for teaching and learning in and out of the classrooms.

Level Programme Description Outcomes
Lower Secondary 
(Express & Normal Academic)
Temasek Information & Communication Technology Education (TICTEd) 

This is a two-year in-house subject offered to all non-CPA students which aims to equip them with essential ICT skills.

Students will be taught how to use Google communication and collaborative system, and basic office productivity tools for document processing, multimedia presentation and spreadsheet. They will also be able to do simple programming and coding through programmes like Scratch and Inkscape to create simple animations, and interactive games.  

Students develop their skills in basic programming and working with a microcontroller. They also gain knowledge on how sensors work in smart devices and also learn to collaborate with others to make a prototype of a smart device.

Students are:

• Equipped with essential ICT skills to support learning and collaboration in the 21st Century classroom
Sec One to Four 
(Normal Technical)
Computer Applications (CPA) 

CPA is a 4-year skills-based subject offered to all NT students, which leads to the GCE 'N'(T) Level Examinations. 

The CPA syllabus emphasises current technological developments and trends, and core computer skills. It is designed for students who are mainly visual learners and who are best engaged through hands-on learning activities. It provides opportunities for students to appreciate the applications of computer technology and the use of various software application packages to perform meaningful tasks. It seeks to nurture the students as effective and efficient end-users of such technology, through the mastery of core skills and to develop their confidence in learning new skills.

Students are:  

• Technologically adept as effective citizens 
• Able to function and contribute effectively in a technologically-driven world

Department Contact List

Name/ Designation Email Address
Mrs Janice Chao (HOD/ Information Communication Technology) janice_chao@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Soo-Tay Yu Xin (SH/ Information Communication Technology) tay_yu_xin@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Smitha Rajeev smitha_rajeev@moe.edu.sg