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Department Programmes

The Humanities Department aims to develop students to have empathy for the human and physical world through the knowledge, skills and values acquired from a Humanities education. Our Humanities curriculum seeks to educate students to be informed, concerned and participative citizens.

Level Programme Description Outcomes
Lower Secondary
Geographical & Historical Investigations

In line with the current Lower Secondary Humanities curriculum, the Geographical and Historical Investigations provide students with opportunities to conduct studies on their communities.

Issues covered in the Investigations may include energy usage in a household or the life in Singapore before 1819. The Lower Secondary Investigations are structured and closely guided by teachers so as to help students understand the rigour expected during investigations. Visits to museums are also incorporated into the Historical Investigation for students to study various historical artefacts relevant to the issue.

Students will:

• Collaborate in teams as they resolve differences within groups and take responsibility for their assigned roles in their teams

• Communicate their ideas in small groups 

• Draw conclusions on issues based on the study of historical artefacts, observations and interviews
Upper Secondary
Model United Nations (MUN)

Selected students who have shown interest in current affairs and world issues are identified by teachers, and are trained and would later participate in various MUNs.

Notable MUNs that students have participated in include the Yale NUS Model United Nations as well as the Singapore Model Cabinet. This is part of the Department's Talent Development Programme which enables students to explore the complex nature of policy making and diplomacy as well as develop public speaking skills.
Students will:

• Gain confidence in voicing their own ideas and opinions through public speaking

• Collaborate with fellow delegates to resolve disagreements and come to a solution to world issues 

• Be self directed as they are required to conduct their own research and do their own preparations for the MUNs with some guidance from teachers advisors

• Think critically from multiple perspectives as they explore the complexities associated with the different issues explored during MUNs

Local and Overseas Geographical Fieldwork 

All Geography students will conduct investigations at local or overseas sites. At Secondary Three, all Geography students will be tasked to apply skills learnt in Geographical Investigations from their Lower Secondary years to explore a tourism-related issue at a site of their own choice. 

Secondary Four Pure Geography students will also have opportunities to conduct coastal and tourism studies along the East Coast of Malaysia. Students explore the coastal landscapes not commonly found in Singapore including stretches of rocky coasts and pebble beaches as well as study the coastal processes and human interference affecting the environment.
Students will:

• Appreciate the diverse environments found in nature and understand the natural and human processes that may alter such environments

• Be accurate and precise in their work as they observe and record data using field study techniques 

• Be flexible in thought as students apply knowledge learnt from theory to draw conclusions from real world data collected, which may not always be congruent with theory learnt

• Collaborate in teams as students work together to decide on tasks required for the investigations

Department Contact List

Name/ Designation Email address
Miss Angeline Soo (HOD/ Humanities ) soo_jun_hui@moe.edu.sg 
Mr Dominic Sim (LT/ History)sim_chwee_siang_dominic@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Audrey Ho  audrey_ho@moe.edu.sg
Ms Chua Wan Yuchua_wan_yu@moe.edu.sg
Mr Eugin Wong eugin_wong@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Janki Verma janki_devi@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Jenny Yoong goh_jia_yee_jenny@moe.edu.sg
Miss Jocelyn Woo woo_mei_xian_jocelyn@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Lee Hwee Hoon lim_hwee_hoon@moe.edu.sg
Mr Lim Wei Ming lim_wei_ming@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Mirnigar Maesten mirnigar_begum_khan@moe.edu.sg
Mr Mohd Al Anwaarulhaq mohamed_al_anwaarulhaq_asaad@moe.edu.sg
Mr Muhammad Hilmy B Zohrymuhammad_hilmy_zohry@moe.edu.sg
Madam Nur Azlilah bte Abdul Aziz nur_azlilah_abdul_aziz@moe.edu.sg
Madam Nurhidayah Binte Mohamed Ali  
Mrs Ruth Leong wong_su_ann_ruth@moe.edu.sg
Madam Yeo Soh Hong yeo_soh_hong@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Joy Lim joy_lim@moe.edu.sg