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Parent Support Group

The Temasek Parent Support Group (PSG) was formed in 2001 with the primary objective of getting parents involved in the holistic education of their children and getting their insights and feedback towards making it a more realistic objective. Under the motto “We Also Care” the PSG works in close partnership with the school administration including the Principal, teachers, the Alumni, the School Advisory Committee and organises various events and activities for the well being of the children. The vision of the school motto is thus closely aligned to the PSG perception of making education an all-encompassing and comprehensive one. For parent, the education of their children is of paramount importance as it should be. But more than formal education that is imparted in the school setting parents have a moral responsibility in inculcating moral and social values that constitute character development as well as preparing them to become responsible citizens of the country.

Since its inception the PSG has cultivated the interest of many new parent volunteers over the years that their views and initiatives count in making education engaging and enriching. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of parents can go a long way in creating a deeper understanding of the philosophy and goals of education. The increasing participation and success of the PSG is testimony of the benefits it has accrued through this joint partnership in conducting a myriad of activities in realizing this vision.

Throughout its journey the PSG has taken part in an array of activities towards building up the morale and maturity of the students. The members have volunteered their services in mentoring students, sourcing professionals to give enriching talks, help in establishing networking and fundraising activities. The work carried out by the Group has motivated many parents in giving their time and effort to join the organization and boosting its image.

  • Some of these activities and programmes include:
  • Parent networking to share their expertise and experiences
  • Laying the foundation for activities that promote family bonding 
  • Parent and student enrichment programmes like talks and seminars 
  • Supervision of students and on field trips and post examination activities 
  • Help in fund raising for various school projects 
  • Sponsoring awards for students and teachers

Joining the school and getting directly involved in celebrating special festivals and events like the Lunar New Year, Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day, National Day, the Annual School Sports, the School Annual Dinner And Dance and various school and community functions.

PSG works closely with the school in fostering a deeper understanding between parents and the school administration and building a mutually healthy relationship. This partnership and bond will not only help the school to grow in fulfilling its aspirations but also serve the cause of education and also facilitate rendering something back to the community at large.