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Name:Siti Maisarah
Graduated from TMS:2017
Currently in Victoria Junior College
Temasek had given me many opportunities to lead and grow. As a Peer Support Leader, I had many opportunities to lead and facilitate events and meetings with my peers. Through these events, I learnt how to work effectively in a team, picking up different skills required to ensure that the events and meetings were carried out smoothly.

I also had many caring teachers who set a good example for students to emulate. Whenever I had difficulties, my teachers never failed to lend me a helping hand. They always reassured me of my abilities and kept watch of my progress to ensure that I was on track. This really helped me to be disciplined and focused as I manage my busy school life right now.


   Marcus Ng
 Graduated from TMS:    2015 
Graduated from National Junior College
Currently serving National Service, will be pursuing Dentistry in National University of Singapore

When I first stepped into Temasek Secondary School in 2012, I knew that I wanted to join the Canoeing team. Being part of the Canoeing team made me learn to push myself beyond boundaries from the training the team had to go through. I was elected as the Boy’s Captain in Secondary Two and this position honed my leadership qualities as I was given the opportunity to lead the CCA, as well as work alongside with the caring teachers of Temasek. 

Being a leader was not easy because I had to be resilient for my team to keep their morale up especially during competitions when we saw our competitors who were much bigger in stature. This opportunity helped me to grow as a leader because I could inspire my team mates to achieve excellence. These experiences still resonate with me and has helped me to be a more confident Captain for the National Junior College A Division Boys Canoeing team. 

Studying in TMS was definitely memorable. The teachers truly epitomize the school’s motto ‘We Care’. During my graduating year, the teachers took the time out of their busy schedules for small group discussions and I was never turned away. This was, in my opinion, very invaluable to the initiated as we got to clear any doubts we had when we self-studied. Having graduated with commendable results, I owe my successes to the school. 


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Parathan s/o Arasu
Graduated from TMS: 

Graduated from Raffles Institution, currently serving National Service

When I first came to TMS, I never really put much thought into my journey.
I was happy to come to school and study, go for my Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) and do my Sports Captain duties. Time did fly by quickly for me. 

But after graduating and looking back at my time there, I realised how much TMS had really helped me mature as a person. Being in the Sports Captain student leadership group taught and prepared me for my post-secondary education. Apart from the event planning and being a health ambassador, it was the little things such as being a good leader and friend to my peers that helped me mature in my interaction with others. It was also sharing the joy and excitment when things went well such as achieving Distinction for Dance, and standing together as one when we could have done better. My experience in the Overseas Values-In-Action (OVIA) taught me to be appreciative of what I have and that it is a big world out there beyond my own.  

Without the guidance of my TMS teachers, I would not have enjoyed such academic success in the GCE 'O' Levels. My teachers were all very caring and would go the extra mile for all of us. They believed that I could achieve more than what I could ever imagine, and they were right.