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Junior Colleges

Ashton Ng

Name:Ashton Ng
Graduated from TMS:2018
 Currently in Victoria Junior College

TMS has really guided me in a lot of ways. The teachers are supportive and care not just about our academics but student welfare too. I'd met people who are great to work with and they had taught me that I was never alone. My four years in TMS had nurtured me to be a better person. I  have become someone who looks out for my peers, is resilient in my pursuit of my goals, and also works well with others. In many ways, both my CCAs and Student Leadership group had also developed me to become a better leader who not only lead but motive and encourage as well. 

Muhammad Arsyad 

Name:Muhammad Arsyad
Graduated from TMS:2018
Currently in Temasek Junior College

My dream is simply to live a fulfilling life and TMS has definitely given me many meaningful memories. 

I have learnt so much being in TMS and one was it was about Teamwork. As a member of the Infocomm Media Club, I simply could not run an event on my own.  I needed the help of my peers in other departments to ensure that we were in sync and that we knew what was going on especially when there were technical issues. This also made me a better communicator as I learnt the importance of being clear and precise in what I was saying. 


Alumni - Siti Miasarah.jpg
Name:Siti Maisarah
Graduated from TMS:2017
Currently in Victoria Junior College
Temasek had given me many opportunities to lead and grow. As a Peer Support Leader, I had many opportunities to lead and facilitate events and meetings with my peers. Through these events, I learnt how to work effectively in a team, picking up different skills required to ensure that the events and meetings were carried out smoothly.

I also had many caring teachers who set a good example for students to emulate. Whenever I had difficulties, my teachers never failed to lend me a helping hand. They always reassured me of my abilities and kept watch of my progress to ensure that I was on track. This really helped me to be disciplined and focused as I manage my busy school life right now.