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Nuriz Asyiqah

Name:Nuriz Asyiqah
Graduated from TMS:2018
Currently in ITE College (East) , Nitec in Fitness Training

 The school has shaped me to be who I am today. With the opportunities that Temasek had given to me, I am a better person in terms of being a better friend to my peers and caring for them, being a Chairperson of a student leadership who brainstorm creative ideas and a mentor my juniors who  assists them in plannings and many more. I learnt how to manage my time wisely and to balance the things I have internal and external from school. With that, I learnt how to be resilient by not giving up easily and endure all odds. 

NICole Baruela

Alumni - Nicole.jpg
Name:Nicole Baruela
Graduated from TMS:2017
Currently in ITE College (Central), Architecture

Being in Temasek has prepared me to tackle any challenges or problems that I may face. Whenever I encountered obstacles,  my teachers would patiently guide me to resolve problems by considering different perspectives. They would also remind me to maintain a positive disposition no matter how difficult it got. As a Canoeist, I learnt the importance of teamwork and how it could benefit the team in achieving performance excellence. As I embark on a new learning journey at ITE College Central, I can overcome challenges easily and effectively with a positive mindset.