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Academic Results

Temasek Secondary School has consistently achieved excellent results in the GCE examinations. As our students leave the school with the grades they worked hard for, the school would like to wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

2018 GCE O-Level Examination

*L1B5 (Secondary 4 Express)

*L1B5 – Aggregate score of First Language and Best 5 subjects; based on MOE latest figures. This does not reflect bonus points. 

2018 Eligibility for JC & Poly Admission
Course JC% Poly%
Sec 4 Express 95.9 100
 Sec 5 Normal (A) 16.777.7 

2018 GCE N(A)-Level Examination

Eligibility for Secondary 5

Year Percentage
2018 94.7

Eligibility for Poly Foundation Programme (PFP)

Year Percentage
2018 38.2

Eligibility for Direct Entry Scheme to Poly Programme (DPP)


2018 GCE N(T)-Level Examination

Year With 3 or more Distinctions (Percentage)
2018 42