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Principal's Message


Temasek Secondary School (TMS) begins 2020 on an exciting note as the school celebrates its 40th Anniversary. In the human lifespan, 40 years is a milestone age that is usually celebrated with much festivity. The significance of 40 years is understandable considering how it is a timely juncture to reflect back on one’s life journey, having experienced childhood, the teenage years and a good two decades of adulthood.

Like an accomplished 40 year-old, TMS has much to look back and be thankful. Most notably it has spent four decades nurturing leaders of character and intellect. In tracing back why and when the school was founded, the school opened its doors in 1980. Bedok New Town had started in the mid-1970s and it was necessary that new schools be built to serve this new town’s residents. TMS was one of four new secondary schools started to meet such a need. Carrying the first historic name of Singapore and as the etymology of the word Temasek is linked to the sea, the school is not only located in the vicinity of the eastern coast, TMS grew to represent what our nation stands for: diversity, integrity, care, teamwork and excellence.

Temasekians as leaders, joyful and lifelong learners
Being focused on preparing Temasekians for their future, the curriculum at TMS is founded on the belief that we must enable our students to experience deep learning by nurturing a disposition to learn for life. Each year, the developments in Singapore, the Southeast Asia region and the world reminds us that the young are the key story writers of a nation’s progress. With purpose, opportunities and hope to uplift them, the young can do wonders for a nation and even the world. The opposite is said to be true when the young hold the perception that they have no future. Arising from the need to enable our students to be empowered authors of their own life story and the nation’s, TMS believes in guiding our students to become joyful and lifelong learners. To do so, our students must appreciate that rich learning goes beyond acing the national examinations. While Temasekians continue to excel in these examinations, it is heartening that they have also learnt to lead self and others (LEAD@TMS), deepen their interests and strengths (FSBB & TIP) and interact sensitively in a culturally diverse context (C2A).

Temasek Teachers, pillars of the school
Notwithstanding how such holistic avenues stretch our Temasekians, positive outcomes cannot materialise without the pillars of TMS, the teachers. In the results of the 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) announced in December 2019, Singapore’s educators were recognised again for quality education provided to their students. Indeed, a school’s purpose and achievements are only made possible by the teachers who invest countless of hours to improve their craft so that they can be better at engaging their students. Since 1980, TMS has fostered a culture where teachers take pride in their work and seek to always grow professionally. Over the past four decades, even as new teachers have joined the school and longstanding colleagues retire, each teacher has left a legacy of excellence to be built upon by his/her successor. This excellence was also exemplified through the leadership of the seven preceding principals who led with vision and clarity and the Alumni and Parents Support Group (PSG) who have ceaselessly supported TMS over the decades.

Retrospection for progression
As a year of celebrations unfolds for TMS, may we be mindful of what the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard said, “life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards”. In honouring our meaningful past, may the lessons learnt and accomplishments experienced be the Temasek torch that light our pathway to continued improvement and innovation. We endeavour to better serve our family, school and nation.

Happy 40th Anniversary Temasek!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2020.

Dayna Chia (Mrs)