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Principal's Foreword


Purpose in young lives

It would seem fair to conclude that secondary school students in Singapore have strong purpose in life. How can they not when their school life is packed with lessons, CCA and other activities? In journeying with our students, we have learnt that the young do not necessarily find purpose when they are busy. Instead, we have learnt that they are assured of leading purposeful lives when they appreciate the meaning behind what they experience and do.

Connection between being purposeful and future proof
At Temasek Secondary School (TMS), we want to help our students understand this bigger purpose in life and we have tied it to the concept of being future proof. What does it mean to be future proof? In essence, it is about being able to prepare oneself for what’s ahead in life so that there are minimum stresses and surprises along the way. Of course, we are unable to predict all of life’s ups and downs. Still, it is important that at school, we help our students to prepare for a future that is all at once, complex, uncertain and promising.

In connecting life purpose with being future proof, TMS seeks to be a school where our students learn because they know that what they are experiencing within and outside the classroom will help them as they move forward. Time and again, the 21st century has made it clear through various media reports and global happenings that to be future proof, it is not enough to have a set of excellent academic results. No doubt, academic rigour remains important, nonetheless, one of the best qualities to have for the future is the willing attitude and ability to learn how to learn.

Stepping stones to learn for life

Bearing in mind this important shift, the Distinctive School Programmes (DSP) offered by TMS focus on nurturing a learning disposition in our Temasekians so that they know why they must always be caring; exemplary; knowledge seekers and individuals who are undaunted in spirit. Be it through the DSP such as LEAD@TMS (Student leadership development), TIP – Temasek Ignis Programme (Talent development), C2A –Cross-Cultural Awareness (Cultural literacy) or the learning they acquire through daily lessons and weekly CCAs, the school offers a curriculum that holistically anchors students in a purposeful life that enables them for their future.

TMS is always mindful that a secondary school experience must lead a student beyond the four/five years in school. Indeed, we want our Temasekians to learn for life. As they continue to do so in every stage of their lives, may the formative experience developed during their secondary school years enable them to navigate through the challenges of their present and future; to lead with character and intellect for family, school and nation.

Wishing everyone joy, good health and purpose in 2019.

Dayna Chia (Mrs)