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About TMS

Providing Endless Opportunities for Exploration and Growth

Temasek Secondary School is a place of teaching and learning, but more so a place for boys and girls to become young men and women – it is a place for growth and development and an environment where learning comes alive with the wide range of opportunities found here.

At Temasek, we want our students to shine and discover what they really like to do and excel at it. Whether academically, in the arts, sports or leadership, students experiment and awaken their potential with us. Students feel empowered as they exercise their creativity, voice and leadership in an environment that is challenging, nurturing and caring. Their positive energy and strong motivation to learn and explore, as well as their desire to serve, drive the teachers in Temasek to contribute their best to the school community.

This is the Temasek School Experience – a journey where students explore and grow with each opportunity, a passage where dreams take flight.