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2020 is a special year for Temasek Secondary School (TMS). What was meant to be a year of milestone anniversary celebrations has become a memorable year for the whole world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As Singaporeans and the world have learnt to live with a new normal, we revisited the possibility of commemorating TMS40. 40 years has given us some good stories to share with our students, teachers, alumni and parents. The Temasek Creed espouses the importance of being undaunted in spirit even in challenging times and this belief led us to share the Story of Us, a compilation of celebratory items that offer you slices of what we stand for as a school and why we are so grateful for the journeys, past, present and ahead.

We hope that you will enjoy this page. PLEASE scroll all the way down to enjoy the six chapters that make up Temasek’s Story of Us

CHAPTER 1: I and we in Temasek

We open the story with two videos: one old and one new to be viewed as a pair. The old video shares the views of Temasekians on what their school stands for. Explained through their thoughts on what I am Temasek means, this video was produced in 2016 and has since garnered more than 13,000 views on YouTube. In 2020, we present a sequel video to celebrate TMS40 and the strong school community that is TMS. Please enjoy I am Temasek and We are Temasek.

I am temasek

In 2016, We asked our students and staff what a decade old slogan, I am Temasek, meant to them and what they hoped their Temasek Story would be like. We received hundreds of responses. In this video, 17 lines were selected that best represent what it means to be part of the Temasek Story.


In 2020, We searched through our archives and found a rich repository of stories, of joyful Temasekians, dedicated teachers and caring staff who have contributed to this beautiful tapestry, that is the Temasek Story. Kindly note that this video was produced way before the Circuit Breaker, when Covid-19 was at its nascent stage.

Chapter 2: Epics

A word play from our school values T-EPIC (Teamwork, Excellence in Performance, Integrity and Care) gives us fun license to produce two TMS40 “Epic” publications for posterity.

T-EPIC books.jpeg

Our stakeholders will receive a set of these publications. Should you be interested to receive a copy of these publications, please email the school at temasek_ss@moe.edu.sg . Thank you.

the epic LEAD@TMS

As we celebrate 40 years of nurturing leaders of character and intellect, TMS40 will not be complete without a look into LEAD@TMS and its role in the Temasek Story. To this end, please allow us to present a publication on LEAD@TMS; its humble origins, growth and its standing today as a School Distinctive Programme. This publication will give readers some insight into how LEAD@TMS was conceptualised and implemented in TMS.

TMS LEAD@TMS Cover.jpg


From celebrating what is distinctive about TMS, the school moved on to give back to the wider community in which TMS is situated. No better way than to harness our student leaders and the extensive selection of delicious food our nearby community has to offer. The EPIC Food Guide is a celebration of food that is enjoyed and dearly loved by TMS teachers and students. The hardwork of student leaders and teachers brought these gastronomic delights to light and help us remember who we are as a community in the best way that Singapore knows... food!
TMS Food Guide Cover.jpg

Chapter 3: performing arts & recollections special to TMs


The school had planned to hold a Gala Concert on 5 April 2020, a celebration of its 40th Anniversary (1980 – 2020). The concert was to be held at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Although the Covid-19 situation has made it impossible for physical concerts and large gatherings to take place, we commemorated our journey in the performing arts through this collection of precious memories - 40 years in the making. The performing arts has made TMS vibrant. This presentation is played to the beautiful song, Temasek Light, composed by one of our very own teachers, Mr Jared Oh and sung by our very own Temasek Acappella Group (TAG). May we continue to shine the Temasek Light!

recollections through our past principals

A special commemorative piece made possible by four former principals of Temasek Secondary School: Mrs Tan Suan Imm (3rd); Mr Loo Pui Wah (4th); Ms Lim Geok Cheng (5th) and Mrs Ong Hong Peng (6th). Every principal (including those not captured in this video) has devoted a chapter of their lives to developing TMS to be a home away from home where leaders of character and intellect are nurtured. In this video, four principals share their precious memories. Enjoy!

tag: gonna be together

2020 has been a challenging year for teachers and students in Singapore and around the world. What has made life a little easier are our efforts to keep caring and human connections going. Stronger together, we can see through any challenge that we face. Gonna Be Together is a song composed by members of the Temasek Acappella Group (TAG). It honours the SGUnited spirit and celebrates TMS40 too!

chapter 4: recognition and inspiration

celebration wall

Instead of dusting off the trophy display cabinet, TMS decided to characterise recognition in a more relevant manner. The Celebration Wall was completed in August 2020. Despite the Circuit Breaker and other different challenges along the way, TMS is pleased to launch the Celebration Wall that showcases distinguished alumni across the four decades. A “live” wall, the stories will be updated so that present Temasekians can always be inspired by the latest achievements of seniors and the wonderful way they have impacted school and society.

2020 Celebration Wall.JPG

Art montage

Secondary One students learnt about beauty through the creation of a montage upon returning to school in June 2020. This art piece consists of contributions from our students and were pieced together into a beautiful montage.

2020 TMS40 Art Montage.jpg

chapter 5: Mementos

Spread the word!

All present colleagues of TMS were each given a commemorative EZ-Link Card in January 2020. They will also receive a specially in-house designed tote bag. 


To all Alumni and former Staff of TMS, we will be giving out five EZ-Link Cards and Temasek Together Tote bags to each decade of alumni and former colleagues when you SHARE our FB and IG pages

2020 TMS40 Collaterals v3.png

Simply fill up the FormSG below from now till 30 November 2020 AFTER you have shared our FB Page and/or IG page! A draw will be conducted to determine the alumni and former colleagues who can walk away with our exclusive collaterals!

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final chapter: tms40 virtual homecoming


We hope the celebratory items remind you of how you are an important part of TMS40 and the Story of Us as a school community. No celebration can come full circle without a Homecoming. Join the school as we have our TMS40's Our Homecoming. Covid-19 will not stop us as we go virtual and celebrate everything Temasek! This 30-minute programme will give you a chance to reconnect with your friends from your batch and for you to establish the bonds that make Temasek our second home when we were students! 

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