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Temasek Ignis Programme (TIP)


Ignis: Latin for Burning Flame
“Stoking the flames of leadership in character and intellect”

TIP Lion.png.jpg

From playing with a fiery ball of ideas and thoughts as a young cub, the mature lion begins to resolutely explore and keep the fire burning. In the end, you become the lion that walks through fire, ready to serve, lead and take control of the flames of glory.

The Temasek Ignis Programme is the school's signature programme meant for stretching students with talents in both intellect and character, and for increasing their capacity in these areas. Students are stretched in three key domains: academic related skills, enriched academic content, and leadership related skills. By developing students in these domains, they are ready to take up greater opportunities as well as to serve others.


Students are exposed to enriched academic content, through teaching and learning methods in the form of: 

  • Depth and rigour of specific topics taught at the current year’s level, in order to deepen conceptual understanding and in preparation for spiral progression to other levels; 
  • Use of authentic learning materials, through projects and integration of learning across disciplines (in the long run); and 
  • Inductive reasoning learning approaches that require student participation, hence resulting in student engagement. 

Students will be able to:

  • Conduct scientific inquiries and understand ethical issues in Science
  • Apply cognitive and meta-cognitive skills in problem solving approaches in Mathematics
  • Integrate reading and writing skills with knowledge of Purpose, Audience, Context & Culture (PACC) in communication in English Language


Students are given a wide range of out-of-classroom learning opportunities in different fields to enrich their learning experience. This could come in the form of scientific research experience, international mathematics competitions, oratorical literary presentation platforms or other forms of learning excursions.

Students are able to:

  • Think from multiple perspectives
  • Be a reflective thinker
  • Gain confidence to perform with excellence in any given circumstance - be self-directed and apply past knowledge to new situations


Students are stretched in leadership related skills such as communication and strategic organisation skills.

They are also taught the John C Maxwell's Five Levels of Leadership. All these skills are applied through opportunities provided in the 5 leadership groups.

Students are able to:

  • communicate confidently 
  • apply strategic organisation skills 
  • harness opportunities to serve others as student leaders