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Subject Based Banding



MOE Subject-Based Banding

Temasek Secondary is pleased to be part of Phase 1 Schools offering MOE Subject-Based Banding (SBB) to eligible students from January 2017.

What is SBB?
Through SBB, Sec 1 Normal Academic (NA) and Sec 1 Normal Technical (NT) students can now take higher level subjects (at Normal Academic and/or Express levels) if they meet the qualifying criteria. The SBB subjects available are the PSLE subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Science and/or Mother Tongue Languages.

Why SBB for students? 
The objective for SBB is to provide greater flexibility to students at the lower secondary so that NA and NT students are able to stretch themselves by taking subjects at a higher level. 

How can students qualify for SBB? 
There are three points from which NA and NT students can be considered for SBB: 
Selection criteria based on PSLE results 
Selection criteria based on Secondary One Mid-Year Examination results 
Selection criteria based on Secondary One Final-Term Examination results 

Students eligible to apply for SBB would be informed by the school. Parents of these students would also be given more details on SBB at appropriate junctures. Should students have any queries on SBB, they may email temasek_ss@moe.edu.sg . The email must be addressed to Mrs Teo Hwee Ping, HOD/ Mathematics.