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Anastasia tan

Name:Anastasia Tan
Graduated from TMS: 2018
Currently in Singapore Polytechnic

The environment in Temasek has given me the drive to strive for excellence by always performing to the best of my ability. I have learnt not to be complacent and would often strive to do better than I did before. Being a Young Ambassador, it has given me the opportunity to engage in meaning discussions on contemporary issues regarding National Education. At the same time, I learnt about accepting differing views from my own and how everyone has a part to play.

Ong Jia Le, Zacus

Alumni -Zacus.jpg
Name:Ong  Jia Le, Zacus
Graduated from TMS:2017
Currently in Temasek Polytechnic 

The most important values I learnt during my time in Temasek were care and teamwork. As a Class Manager, I had to work alongside my teachers to keep the class spirit harmonious and positive. It helped me to empathise and care more for others. As a cadet with the National Cadet Corps (Land), I had to go through many strenuous training sessions to perfect our precision drill routines. This could not have been possible if my peers and I had not worked together with a common goal in mind. During group projects in school now, I find it easy to work effectively and well with others.

Goh Xin Yi

alumni- xin yi.jpg
Name:Goh Xin Yi
Graduated from TMS:2017
Currently in Singapore Polytechnic 

Temasek had taught me to strive for excellence and success in all aspects of life. The school pushed us to be the best we can be in terms of academic performance and character development, so that we can be strong students and citizens. Through Dance and Student Council, I was given many opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and try out new things in order to stretch my potential to the fullest. As I pursue my further education now in Singapore Polytechnic, the drive for performance excellence keeps me going. I make sure I always try my very best to achieve quality results in everything I do.


Name:Odelia Ong Mun
Graduated from TMS:2016
Currently in Ngee Ann Polytechnic  

Temasek taught me to strive for performance excellence and put in my best in everything I do. From singing with the Temasek Chorale to leading my juniors and peers as the President of the Student Council, I learnt to take each performance and each event seriously, ad always dedicated time and effort to produce the best results. 

Prioritising my tasks, and maintaining a strong academic foundation while pursuing my co-curricular actitivties made me a more resilient person who appreciate that success does not come easily. This mindset has helped me to continue to soar greater heights beyond Temasek and enable me to accomplish more than I initially thought I could in Polytechnic.